Give the Gift of Discovery

Inspire growth through sustainable gifts that encourage active learning and creativity! Rather than gifting the hottest new gadget or plastic toy, look for gifts that will not only be fun, but will have a long-term effect on a child’s memory and growth!

In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up our top picks, sure to spark your child’s imagination and curiosity!

A garden, a fish tank and a huge learning opportunity, the Water Garden 2.0 is the ideal gift! Perfect to educate little ones about closed-loop ecosystems, this kit is easy to use and in as little as 10 days you can be enjoying microgreens and fresh herbs.

The set includes a coupon for a betta fish, a 3-gallon tank, 3 months worth of seeds and everything else needed to get started growing, caring and enjoying.

Easy to operate, the fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water (meaning fewer water changes required).  It’s a great way to help explain how we’re all interconnected!

Ready to learn more? Download the free online curriculum to learn all about the science behind aquaponics.

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Water Garden 2.0


We’ve all seen bird nests, but have you ever wanted to peek inside without disturbing the inhabitants? With this window nest box, that easily adheres right onto your window pane, you can get an inside look!

Your entire family will enjoy observing the natural habitats of your new avian pals. Get excited waiting for eggs to hatch, watch as the baby birds emerge and are fed before getting the strength to fly on their own.

The handmade, ethically sourced box provides a comfortable home for birds, and an exciting behind-the-scenes look into the fascinating life of these feathered friends.


Window Nest Box




Let your child explore engineering and planning while enjoying car and train sets with these beautiful hexagon-shaped building tracks. Since they are not linear, your children’s creativity is not limited by traditional boring tracks that only go in a circle. With these upclycled tracks, they can build outward in any direction they choose!

Customizable stickers allow them to transform the tracks into an entire landscape for hours of play and learning! Already have a traditional train track set? Not to fret, adapter pieces allow kids to connect these new pieces to old play tracks for even more fun options!

While they may look like plastic, these tracks are actually made from sustainable, upcycled injection molded wood, manufactured in Tennessee. The shape is designed for little hands to easily manipulate, making this the ideal toy for all the little learners on your list!

The Grommet

Tobo Toys Upcycled Play Tracks





Encourage your child to create their own toys! These beautiful animal puppets take on a life of their own, once put together.

Not only will this gift teach them how to sew, but it will be a fun bonding opportunity. Plus your kids will feel pride crafting something with their own two hands! Since all of the materials are ethically sourced, reclaimed wool, you can feel good knowing the hours of fun you’re providing aren’t harming the environment.

Choose from a cat, monkey or giraffe – or get all three and put on your own puppet show!


Recycled Wool Puppet Kit


Enjoy hours of fun building tall structures and watching the marbles fly through! Three dimensional thinking, problem solving, early engineering and physics properties will be learned while kids craft their own “marble-run metropolis.”

Each set consists of hand-crafted, carbonized tracks, sustainable wood powder super spirals and bamboo cylinders that can be arranged into an infinite number of marble run courses! This is one toy they’ll enjoy playing with over and over again.  Appropriate for children ages 4 and up.

Fat Brain Toys

Bamboo Builder Marble Run 


Invoke your child’s wonder with a Mushroom Farm kit and grow delicious oyster mushrooms perfect for topping pizzas, mixing into salads, sprinkling on tacos or giving soup a little more flavor! Right before their eyes, kids will experience the delight of watching the first mushroom “pin” and expand into a cluster of home-grown organic treats!

Just add water and in as little as ten days, you’ll have an entire crop of delicious mushrooms! Plus each box can produce up to two crops for twice the fun!

Picky eaters are always more excited to taste veggies they grew themselves, expanding their palates. Allow the pride of growing something lead to including mushrooms into your mealtime arsenal!

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Organic Mushroom Farm


Excited to gift the joy of growing, but can’t choose? Try the Family Farmhouse Gift Set and you don’t have too!

With the Family Farmhouse Gift Set, which includes an Organic Tomato Self-Watering Planter, 4 Garden-in-a-can cans and an Organic Mushroom Farm, teaching children about farming is easy.

Let them get their hands dirty and watch how different plants grow. After all, understanding where food comes from is key to developing life long healthy habits.

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The Family Farmhouse Gift Set

$99.99 $84.99

Are you giving your kids the gift of learning this year? We’d love to see their crops and creations! Feel free to tag us @backtotheroots!

– Jan S.

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