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Small living spaces present large challenges, but there’s no need to skimp on the best things in life due to a tiny apartment. When looking for the perfect gift for your friend (or yourself) with a low environmental footprint, focus on gifts with a useful nature.


So, how does one find a present that does not impose nor is unnecessary? The key is finding products that are multi-use, giving you the most impact, without taking up too much precious real estate in your home.


We’ve searched high and low for our favorite environmentally friendly holiday gifts for those living in smaller situations- these presents are useful, personal, sustainable and of course fun!



Turn your windowsill or fire escape into a vegetable garden and you’ll be eating healthy all year long!

A small space doesn’t necessarily mean a small possibility for culinary delight. With Back to the Roots Growing Kits, any apartment dweller can nurture their green thumb with a USA certified organic cherry tomato growing system.  


The best part? It’s extremely low maintenance. You only have to water this plant once a week!





Back to the Roots
Organic Cherry Tomato Self-Watering Planter 






Eco-friendly functional gifts with a personal flair are ideal for a professional chef or friend just beginning to curate their personal kitchen collection. Each cutting board is handmade from sustainably sourced maple wood and is fully customizable.


When not in use, let these boards adorn your kitchen as functional art.  Now that’s a kitchen tool we can all get behind!


Words with Boards

Personalized Cutting Board






Made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo, Oceanstar’s wine rack is key for creating an elegant display of wines, perfect for entertaining in a tight space.

Stacking wines vertically keeps bottles organized while saving precious room on your countertop or bar cart.


With so many people giving the old-bottle-of-wine-standby, your friends will be thankful for your original gift, which will be useful long after the drinks have been poured!



Natural Bamboo Wine Rack








The kitchen is the heart of the home and well-designed, sustainable kitchenware is a must for anyone keen on incorporating a healthy lifestyle. Store-bought food often sneaks in excess sugars and preservatives, while disposable containers increase our carbon footprint.


Canning at home let’s you skip the preservatives and lock in the natural flavors. Properly canned fruits, vegetables, jams and sauces can be stored without refrigeration, allowing you to be assured you have a plethora of healthful options on hand all year long!


This canning kit comes with all the necessary information and tools, including a canning cookbook to easily get started creating nutritious dishes right at home!




Fagor Home Canning Kit





Bring a little bit of the outdoors in with our Water Garden to elevate your mood, while providing fresh herbs and greens for nutritious meals and snacks. The Water Garden aquaponics’ system, easily interjects life into a loved one’s space with a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic herbs and microgreens on top. The fish waste helps fertilize the plants and the plants clean the water, making it simpler than ever to grow organic food indoors.


For those interested in alternative gardening techniques and water conservation, this gift is a perfect introduction into aquaponics technology and closed loop ecosystems. Plus you can’t beat the enjoyment of watching each new sprout appear!

Back to the Roots

Water Garden 2.0

$99.99 $79.99






Half of the fun of having a space to call your own is decorating it. Unique objects with a special meaning make a space feel cozy and homey. These handwoven throws from a fair-trade cooperative are not only beautiful, but something they’ll feel good about displaying in their home.


They’re versatile, gorgeous, naturally dyed and available through Maven. Use it as a shawl, a throw, a picnic blanket… the possibilities are endless!


Half Moon Throw


Made from harvested lutindzi grass, picked off the savannah in a manner to keep the roots intact for quick regeneration, these baskets support the local artisans of Swaziland. Their beautiful handwoven baskets generate income for these women with Gone Rural to provide basic needs for their families, such as clean water, healthcare and education.


This 10” basket is ideal for sorting mail, storing cosmetics or keeping fruits and veggies organized on the counter. A conversation piece that your friends will enjoy for years to come.


Global Goods Partners

Handwoven Swazi Basket






Have a suggestion to make a small space feel larger? We’d love to know what gifts you’re giving this year! Leave us a comment or send us a tweet @BacktotheRoots to share all the gifts you’re wrapping up this season.


-Jan S.





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