Love Beets Gets Back to Their Roots

ENTER TO WIN: Back to the Roots & Love Beets Goodies!

Our Roots

Since the beginning, Back to the Roots has been focused on exactly where our food comes from. The seed was planted in a college classroom, when our co-founders Alex and Nikhil learned that mushrooms could grow entirely on spent coffee grounds. After watching hours of how-to videos and turning their fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, they eventually decided to give up their corporate job offers to instead become full-time mushroom farmers. Fast forward six years and what started as a curiosity about food has now blossomed into a full-fledged movement to Undo Food™ and reconnect families to where it comes from—from seed, to sprout, to spoon.

What does it mean to Undo Food™?

Undoing Food is about more than just products. It’s about growing the next generation of urban gardeners through education initiatives such as our “Grow One, Give One” campaign or teaching kids how to grow their own food in more than 2,300 schools nationwide. Through transparency, we are able to equip people with the tools they need to be healthy and informed. Staying true to our roots means connecting people to theirs – through family, education, and food. And while we’ve come a long way from growing mushrooms out of a fraternity kitchen, we still have a long way to go. Fortunately, we are not alone.

This week, we’re excited to partner with our friends Love Beets for a week of giveaways and recipes to celebrate what it means to stay true to your roots. Like us, they have been on an incredible journey to reconnect people to with their food, but we’ll let them tell you their story…

Love Beets’ Roots

Rooted to rise – that’s Love Beets’ attitude. Grounded in a family history of growing the best quality real food while blossoming into vibrant ventures, Love Beets knows the importance of remembering the tiny seed from which we’ve grown. Whole foods grown in nature are vitally important to personal and community health, and Love Beets remains committed to providing our fans with the utmost in freshness, quality, convenience, and taste.

Part of this commitment is our passion for a holistic attitude towards health. Community enrichment and spreading the superfood gospel at marathon expos and vegetarian festivals, through inventive recipes and donations to daycares, inspires Love Beets to continually innovate and improve our offerings. No mess, no fuss beets and crave-able organic beet juices entice beet lovers and beet newbies alike to delve into a world of veggie goodness – and we’re always on hand to answer any questions or generally chat wellness.

Staying true to our roots means that we don’t veer too far from our favorite ruby-red vegetable. Our products are simple, they’re tasty, and they’re here to make healthy choices that much easier to make.

Keep an eye out this week on our Facebook and Instagram pages for ways to celebrate staying true to your roots!

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