Is Organic Alcohol Actually Better For You?

By Elena Sheppard

You may already be eating organic, but are you drinking organic too? A lot of us are extremely careful about the food we consume, but we let our guards down a bit when it comes to drinking. The truth is, the same rules that apply to organic food, apply to organic alcohol and by in large the same health benefits are true too. Internationally, people are starting to get that memo and organic alcohol is on the uptick — in Australia, production of organic wine went up 120% between 2011-2014 — but here in the U.S. there is still a little ways to go before it becomes popular. That said, if you’re dedicated to eating organic and eating your best, it’s important to know how to drink your best too.

So, what is organic alcohol? Organic alcohol is alcohol made from ingredients grown on organic farms, which is then processed in very specific distilleries. That is all to say, that when you’re drinking organic alcohol you can be sure that the product and its ingredients are free of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. With the lack of all these components, organic alcohol is also better for the environment.

What kinds of organic alcohols are out there? You can find an organic version of most types of alcohol: Beer, wine, vodka, rum, tequila, the list goes on. Going organic does not mean having to sacrifice your favorite drink.

How about the taste? For the most part it tastes the same! Some people even think that when it comes to liquor, the organic versions go down more smoothly.

And, what about hangover intensity? While the official verdict is still out on this one, there are those who claim the purity of the organic alcohol spells less hangovers and those who claim it’s the same old hangover bag. While more research is needed to be sure, there is some indication that less chemicals in organic alcohol means a more tolerable morning after.

There is still a lot to learn about organic alcohol, but feel pretty confident saying we’ll be seeing more organic spirits on the shelves in the year’s to come. Better for us, better for the planet, goes down smooth? Sign us up. Now, we’ll just have to start working on that once-and-for-all hangover cure.  

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