The Healthiest Apple You Can Eat This Fall Is This Color

By Elena Sheppard

It is officially apple season. And while an apple a day might keep the doctor away, certain types of apples are better for you than others. While comparing apples to apples might seem a bit overkill, there is somewhat of a hierarchy when it comes to apples and health.

There are over 7,500 types of apples out in the world. All of those types are low in calories and high in fibers and nutrients; AKA good for you. When it comes to which color apples are the best of the bunch, red apples take the cake. According to research done by Men’s Health, the red color is a product of “anthocyanins, a class of heart-disease-fighting polyphenols.” This information puts Red Delicious apples and Pink Lady apples at the top of the health list.

Pink Lady apples have another study in their corner. According to research done at the University of Western Australia, it was found that pink lady apples have the highest level of antioxidant flavonoids — which help repair cellular damage and decrease inflammation.

Other incredibly healthy apples include the Pendragon apple (also red), as well as organic versions of the Golden Delicious (yellow), the Collogett Pippin (red), Ben’s Red (red), Granny Smith (green), and Devonshire Quarrenden apples (red). So look for those names when you’re going apple picking or shopping.

Also, when buying apples, choose organic vs conventional apples. Organic apples carry far less toxic pesticides on them, and also are grown in a way that is much gentler on the farm and safer for the farmworkers picking your apples.

The other thing to keep in mind when it comes to apples is how nutrient-rich the peels are. The super good for you antioxidants in apples, (like quercetin, kaempferol, and myricetin) are all found in the skin. So no matter what type of apple you eat, peeling it is for the birds.

Bottom line, eat your apples! Any apples. But if you want the apple that’s the best for you, go for something red and unpeeled. And with a Pink Lady, you truly can’t go wrong.

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