Top 10 Gifts of 2016 for Chefs & Foodies

The gift-giving season is upon us, and if you’re stumped on gift ideas for your foodie friends, then worry no more! There are a variety of exciting, engaging gifts you can give that they’re bound to love. Some may even deepen their relationship with food, perhaps as they grow a mushroom from scratch in a new mushroom farm and nurse them all the way to the dinner table.

After you’ve got your food-minded friend covered, make sure to treat yourself too!

1. Angurello Watermelon Slicer ($19.95): It’s time to redefine what we expect from everyone’s favorite vine-like flowering plant. When your chef or foodie friend wields this stainless steel utensil, their watermelon slices will come out in neat, perfect pieces, and their hands remain completely dry. Who knew that watermelon technology had yet to be perfected?


2. Water Garden ($99.99): Serving as both a fish tank and herb garden, this has got to be one of the coolest gifts ever. With a Water Garden in your foodie’s kitchen, they might pluck herbs and sprouts for use as garnish in daily dishes, all in the company of a new fish. The self-cleaning ecosystem adds a novel, low-maintenance vibe to any living space.


3. Tortilla Press ($120): If you don’t want to start with a good store-bought tortilla, you can of course make your own with help from this niche culinary gadget. By applying exactly the right amount of force to turn masa into a freshly pressed tortilla. With this gift given, you’ll forever change the nature of your food-minded friend’s relationship related to his or her relationship with tacos and burritos forever.


4. Self-Watering Planter ($29.99): What are tortillas without salsa? With this self-watering planter, you can grow your own cherry tomatoes in low-maintenance fashion. It only requires water once a week, providing a low-fuss way to people to grow their own delicious, organic food.


5. The Matcha Maker ($35): Know a matcha lover? This Matcha Maker is a match-a made in heaven. On the go foodie friends will enjoy their matcha wherever they please in a matter of seconds! Just add tea, hot water, then shake-n-sip!matcha-maker6. Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set ($36): If cold brew is a must-have in the morning, give it an eco-friendly twist with this reusable mason jar kit. Not only is it innovative, but all you have to do is add ground coffee to the filter, fill it up with cold water, and let it soak overnight! Best part about this gift? You can use the mason jar on the go and enjoy a complimentary aromatic blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee.


7. Ceramic Compost Keeper
($24.95): Going back and forth to your compost bin every time you cook can be tiresome, not to mention the smell can get foul. Fear no more – this ceramic compost keeper will make any chef and foodie’s life easier by having it right on their kitchen counter, and give their composting lifestyle quicker and easier. With this simple, elegant design, it will also relieve any bad odors.compost

8. Mushroom Farm ($19.99): Did you know it only takes 10 days to grow your own delicious mushrooms out of a box? Your foodie friend will have everything it takes to turn the kitchen counter into an agricultural force to be reckoned with, as this mushroom farm yields delectable oyster mushrooms from the comfort of your home. It only requires that you open the box, mist it with water, and harvest it just 10 days later.



9. Artisanal Salt Sampler ($35): The world of salt is diverse enough that you might consider buying this selection of six different kinds of sodium, which come with their own wooden display stand. Included in the selection are exotic-sounding salts like habanero, sweet onion, and black garlic. Your french fries will never be the same again.


10. Better Baking: Wholesome Ingredients, Delicious Desserts ($19.68): We all fall for the sweet, savory desserts we like to indulge in to fulfill our sweet tooth – but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for our health. Luckily, chef Genevieve Ko has created a collaboration of healthy recipes that are just as indulgent as that chocolate cake you’ve been craving. Which healthy dessert will you try first?


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