The Back to the Roots Official 2017 Holiday Gift Guide


You wake up in the morning, a bit groggy, and turn around to see that your new basil plant has sprouted. Something changes in that moment. Your morning halts. You stop to examine the sprouts. You smile. You feel a sense of accomplishment. “Today is going to be a good day.”, you think to yourself as you walk out of the door.

That feeling, a kind of “growing giddiness”, is why gardening kits make the perfect gift. By giving someone a plant, you’re not just giving them a physical item, but you’re giving them feelings. Feelings that they will remember, and cherish, and appreciate.

In this gift guide, we highlight six of our Indoor Gardening Kits that will bring endless smiles, memories, and yummy foods into the lives of those that you love this holiday season. 🙂 🎄


back to the roots mushroom farm kit mushroom growing kit grow your own organic mushrooms

1. Mushroom Farm

This kit gives you everything you need to grow your own organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days! Not to mention, each kit can grow at least 2 crops and comes with a “100% guaranteed to grow” promise. This is a great gift for children or teachers as it comes with access to an interactive learning curriculum that explains the science behind mushroom farming. Another purchaser perk? The rectangular shape of the kits make wrapping as easy as can be!

          Learn more about the Mushroom Farm here!



back to the roots self watering tomato planter green gift indoor gardening kit best unique gift christmas gift idea

2. Self-Watering Tomato Planter

Spice up your next gift exchange by surprising your guests with a planter that will actually water itself! This planter uses a microporous clay olla that waters the plants continually through the week. This means that you only need to fill up the olla once a week and voila! You get your very own homegrown cherry tomatoes. This is a great gift for a friend that is always on the go because it’s totally hassle-free!

    Learn more about the Self-Watering Planter!



back to the roots water garden best indoor gardening kit best gardening gift unique gift christmas gift ideas green gift ideas

3. Water Garden

Fish are friends, not food! But what if we came up with a way to make the fish a friend that makes food? Even better! The Water Garden is a closed-looped ecosystem where the fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water. This means that the fish tank is self-cleaning and easy to maintain. Not only does this product grow delicious herbs and microgreens to go in your latest winter salad, but it also is a great learning tool for children and makes the perfect addition to any kitchen! 

Learn more about the Water Garden!



back to the roots garden in a can gift set best green gift best gift for gardeners indoor gardening gift4. Garden-in-a-Can Herb Set

Know someone who likes to cook? Or garden? Or learn?  It’s “mint” to be! This Garden-in-a-Can Herb Set gives you the perfect setup to grow organic oregano, dill, basil, and mint right from the windowsill of your kitchen. Plus, if you post a picture of yourself growing and use the hashtag #GrowOneGiveOne, you can spread the growing giddiness by donating a kit to a classroom of your choice!

 Learn more about the Garden-in-a-Cans!



unique garden gifts gardening gifts best gifts for gardeners back to the roots mason jar gift set

5. Mason Jar Gift Set

Indoor gardening just got a whole lot more chic! This mason jar gift set is loaded with awesome goodies including 3 Garden-in-a-Jars (grows basil, cilantro and mint), 1 self-watering planter (grows cherry tomatoes), 4 decorative art prints, and a recipe book. A perfect gift for the modern mom, foodie or chef! 


Learn more about the Mason Jar Gift Set!



back to the roots gift set unique gifts green gift best gifts for gardeners

6. The Urban Homesteader Kit

All I want for Christmas is the Urban Homesteader Kit! This kit gives you everything you need to become a full-fledged urban farmer. It comes with 1 Self-Watering Planter, 4 Garden-in-a-Cans, 1 Mushroom Farm, 1 Water Garden, 4 decorative prints and a recipe book. Talk about the ultimate gift! Surprise your best friend, mom, or co-worker with a gift that just keeps on giving! 

Learn more about The Urban Homesteader Kit! 


Happy gifting & happy growing! 🌱

– Kalene S. from the Back to the Roots team


P.S. Our support team is 100% dedicated to helping you succeed this holiday season! If you have any questions regarding your holiday order, such as on gift messaging or wanting to send to multiple addresses, feel free to reach us at and we’ll sort you out!


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