Back to the Roots Raised Garden Bed Kit: Your New Must-Have

If you’ve been dreaming about growing your own food or introducing some greenery to your home, a raised garden bed kit could be just the thing you need. What’s great about these planter boxes is that they come in different shapes and sizes and can easily be added to large backyards and small balconies alike. 

Classic raised garden beds — also known as elevated garden beds — are commonly made from red cedar, fir wood, and galvanized steel. While these varieties are fantastic options, they may be impractical, heavy, or too large for those who live in small spaces.

For that reason, fabric pots have grown in popularity over the last few years. These pots offer portability and sustainability, as well as immense benefits for plants. 

As a genuinely eco-friendly company committed to supporting our planet’s well-being, Back to the Roots (BTTR) has created our very own raised garden bed kit. In this guide, we’ll share all the details on this affordable, lightweight, easily assembled, and eco-conscious product coming soon to Home Depot and Walmart Garden Center near you!

Back to the Roots Raised Garden Bed Kit: Main Features

While fabric raised garden beds can be used in any kind of setting, they’re perfect for urban dwellers or anyone who doesn’t have a massive garden or huge terrace. If you live in a cold area and your plants simply cannot survive outside, fabric garden beds are an excellent option as they can be easily folded and stored inside once your harvest season is over. 

If you love growing veggies — or you love plants around the house but live a nomadic lifestyle — these reusable garden boxes are a great substitute for bulky and heavy garden containers. Entirely designed and made in the United States, the Back to the Roots Raised Garden Bed Kit is a user-friendly, versatile solution for anyone, no matter where you are on your gardening journey.


One of the main reasons gardeners love elevated beds is how they facilitate easy access to every corner of a garden, no matter how large or small. While you may have to stomp around your beloved plants in conventional gardens to get to the ones planted further away, garden beds allow you to reach wherever you need comfortably. 

If you have someone in the family with back or knee problems, simply place your Back to the Roots Fabric Raised Garden Bed kit on top of a large bench or table so they don’t have to bend or kneel for long periods. 

Back to the Root’s raised garden bed kit is also easy to move around, so you can quickly change your plants’ location according to their specific sunlight needs.

Built To Last

Back to the Roots garden bed planters are made from durable felt and are double-stitched to provide extra strength. This construction ensures they stay in good condition for many years, even under harsh outdoor conditions.

Besides being weather-resistant, these fabric garden beds are also rot-resistant, unlike plastic or clay containers. This is possible thanks to the excellent aeration and drainage properties of felt — more on that later. 

These beauties are tough enough to sustain your crops from summer to winter and everything in between.

Easy Assembly and Storage

Back to the Roots raised garden bed size dimensionsWhile traditional cedar raised garden kits may require some DIY skills to set up, the Back to the Roots Fabric Raised Garden Bed is as easy as they come.

Simply unfold, fill with good-quality, organic potting soil, add your plants (or seeds), and you’re ready to go!

This tool-free, modular garden box is perfect for those who want to keep gardening in a straightforward, hassle-free way. Unlike voluminous plastic, wood, or terra cotta pots, fabric garden beds are foldable, easy to store, and take up almost no space. 

If you don’t have a storage room, live in a small apartment, or have limited outdoor space, our Back to the Roots raised garden bed kit will help you easily create your little green corner.

Plenty of Space = Lots of Plant Variety

With a 22-gallon capacity, the Back to the Roots raised garden bed is large enough to grow both small and large plant species. 

If you plan to start from seed, you can sow them directly into the fabric garden bed or opt for seed starting indoors. No matter what you go for, this versatile gardening container has the appropriate dimensions to grow full-size plants of all shapes and sizes.

If your gardening goals include starting a kitchen garden, flower bed, vegetable garden, or all three at the same time, we’ve got you covered. 

Our raised garden bed kit comes with two internal grow walls that prevent roots from tangling and avoids plant crowding. This allows you to produce a diversity of plants in a reasonably small space. For better results, consider reaping the advantages of companion planting to support your garden’s successful blooming.

Made To Support Your Plants 

While the benefits listed above are all great, the main reason why gardeners love fabric garden beds is their outstanding aeration and drainage properties. Felt is a highly breathable fabric that supports optimal root oxygenation and encourages your organic potting mix’s draining abilities.

Our Back to the Roots Raised Fabric Garden Bed Kit also stimulates natural “air pruning.” This process happens when roots are exposed to air and become dehydrated from a lack of humidity. When this occurs, the root tips stop growing and cease to use your plant’s resources. Instead, they develop new lateral roots that absorb nutrients and water more efficiently. 

When you use plant boxes made with other materials such as plastic or clay, roots tend to circle around when they reach the container’s bottom and edges as they look for oxygen. As a result, this creates an unhealthy, rot-prone root mass that can end up choking or even killing the plant. 

Fabric pots are also a fantastic option if you live in areas where summers reach scorching hot temperatures, as they help prevent heat stress. This phenomenon is quite common in plastic pots, which heat up quickly under the sun. 

Heat stress can cause irreversible damage to your plant’s development and growth, and that’s why the proper airflow provided by the felt fabric garden beds makes them a better option in terms of thermal regulation.

Tips and Tricks When Using a Fabric Raised Garden Bed Kit

Mother and daughter watering their Back to the Roots Fabric Raised Garden Bed kitWhile fabric raised garden beds undoubtedly provide one of the healthiest environments to grow your plants, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Due to their superior aeration and drainage capabilities, water your fabric raised garden bed more frequently as it tends to dry quicker. 
  • If you live in an area with extremely hot summers, make sure you add a sturdy plant saucer underneath your bed kit. Doing so will allow your plants to reach for some extra water during the hours of intense heat. Alternatively, you can opt for a self-watering system.
  • Before buying and sowing your seeds, read the back of your seed packets. There’s essential information about spacing, depth, watering, and sunlight needs. Also, if you’re growing your plants outdoors, sow your seeds in accordance with their growing season and preferably before the last frost date. If you have no idea when that is, use the Back to the Roots grow calendar to find out.
  • If you want to start growing your own food but have no experience and don’t know where to start, growing herbs or certain vegetables is easy, fun, and rewarding. It will give you the confidence boost you need before tackling more advanced gardening challenges. Fabric garden beds are a perfect fit for both herbs and veggie gardens.

Start the Garden of Your Dreams With a Back to the Roots Raised Garden Bed Kit

If a lack of space was the one thing stopping you from starting your very own garden, then our Back to the Roots Fabric Raised Garden Bed kit is an affordable, sturdy, and convenient option that can help you take the first steps into gardening.

What’s more, it supports healthy growth and offers a sustainable and chemical-free environment for your plants to thrive. To learn more about herbs, veggies, and flowers, consider downloading our free seed almanac, where you’ll find important info on how to grow the most common and widely available plant species.

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