5 Foods That Grow in Funky Ways

The produce we buy is so beautifully presented in the grocery store, but where does it come from? We decided to explore the growing process of some of our favorite fruits and veggies and couldn’t believe what we found!


Peanuts: The peanut plant is awesome because it flowers above ground but the peanuts grow below ground, surprising, right? Each plant produces 25-50 peanuts.



Cocoa: Does chocolate grow on trees? It sure does! Cocoa, the bean used to make chocolate is a bright pod grown only in tropical climates.



Kiwis: Fun facts… Kiwifruit grows on a vine, is named after the fuzzy kiwi bird and a male plant can pollinate up to eight female plants. Daaaang!



Pineapples: Thought they came from a tree? Wrong! Pineapples grow on a plant out of the ground, take three years to mature and don’t continue to ripen like most fruits once harvested, so eat ‘em quick!


AsaparagusAsparagus: Asparagus grows straight out of the ground and looks kind of bizarre! The majority of asparagus is grown in only three states and takes about three years from initial crown planting to harvest the full crop.


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