Farm-to-Table Holiday Feast


What could be more special than sharing a meal with your loved ones composed of whole, organic foods this holiday season? Bring the farm-to-table movement into your home with Back to the Roots growing kits, for a meal they’re sure to remember!

More than a passing trend, the farm-to-table movement represents a new standard in high-quality clean eating admired by chefs and tastemakers around the world. Consuming local and well-farmed food avoids chemicals found in conventional market produce while reducing the environmental impact of large-scale farming practices. Most importantly, farm-to-table food just tastes better!

In just 10 days, you can grow a delicious batch of oyster mushrooms with Back to the Root’s Organic Mushroom Farm. Healthful, sustainable home-grown food you’ll feel good about serving for holiday gatherings and casual suppers too.

Often the unsung hero of the culinary arts, mushrooms are versatile, making them a perfect centerpiece for holiday dishes! Not only are oyster mushrooms delicious and high in nutrients, but they provide multiple benefits ranging from antibacterial to antioxidant properties.

So this holiday season, grow, prepare and enjoy a mushroom feast that your friends and family won’t stop raving about!


Oyster Mushrooms on Melted Brie Toast from Iglika of Sprig of Thyme is the perfect start to any holiday meal. Creamy brie pairs well with buttery and crunchy oyster mushrooms for a mouth-watering appetizer. Substitute home-grown pearl oyster mushrooms for yellow ones and get the farm-to-table party started!




Serve a healthful and hearty harvest salad bursting with flavor. Fred Bollaci of La Dolce Vita combines wild rice, madeira wine, swiss chard, pecans, roasted oyster mushrooms and pomegranate seeds for a side dish that’s anything but boring.





A traditional oyster stuffing gets a makeover with delicious oyster mushrooms replacing their shellfish counterpart. Tom Douglas of Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking‘s Rustic Bread Stuffing with Dried Cranberries, Hazelnuts & Oyster Mushrooms is a crowd pleaser that your friends and family are sure to go back to for seconds.






David Tanis for Food and Wine knows that no holiday meal is complete without a succulent roast turkey seasoned with sage, thyme and garlic on the table. To enhance the bird’s flavor, Tanis creates a woodsy mushroom medley gravy your guests will drool over.

We recommend snagging one of Back to the Roots Herb Kits and growing the sage yourself!





For a vegetarian main course option that will win over any meat-eater, check out Victor of IFOODBLOGGER‘s Ricotta and Oyster Mushroom Lasagna. This decadent rich dish is warm and hearty with “meaty” oyster mushrooms layered between pasta sheets overflowing with mozzarella and ricotta cheesy goodness.

Best part of this lasagna recipe is that it is quick to assemble, but your family and friends will think you slaved over it for hours.




We can’t wait to see all your mushroom creations, tag us at @backtotheroots_official to show off your home-grown dishes! Bon appétit!




– Jan S. 




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